Features of Open24.ie

Features of Open24.ie

Online banking is the new way of doing transactions in the 21st century. Due to the advent of technology, changes in banking strategy have been made. It has been made as accessible as it gets for the clients through the comforts of their home by using the computer and the mobile phone. One of these online banks is Open24. It offers unique features that would help their clients achieve their goals financially. What are these features of Open24?

What we offer tab                      

In this feature, clients can actually see their current accounts. It also has accounts for students that are going to college by using their own Debit card. Open24 also offers accounts for people under 18 years old. It has been made quite creative by allowing teens to post their pictures on their debit cards. Plus packages would also give more benefits for the clients. Aside form viewing the different accounts, Open 24 what we offer tab also lets you see your savings and investments, credit card, loans, mortgages, and insurances.

Ways to bank tab

This feature of Open24 lets you choose the option on how you transact business with the bank. You can either choose online banking, or telephone banking if you like. It also offers you mobile banking and branch and ATM banking.

About us tab

In this feature, you can see the contact details of open24 by giving you their contact number. This feature also offers the opportunity for you to ask questions to them. They will answer your inquiries as nice as possible. They also show you how to complain about their services. Airing these concerns to them would help them do better banking in the future. In “About us” page, you can also read news about the bank plus know about the careers available.

Switch to us tab

Open24 would gladly show you the benefits if you would use their services in the future. They would also help you on how to use your account if you are still starting with eat. They provide steps on how to open your account with the bank and would gladly let the old bank that you had know that you switched to them.

Open24.ie features are easy to distinguish that it is a user friendly website. Clients would find it easy to navigate and would also find a lot of information about the bank’s ways of doing transactions.